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Alexei Antonov Paintings

Alexei Antonov is an eminent Russian artist specialized in classical oil painting. His effective implementation of “old master” techniques are well-known in the artist world. He is gently inspired by the classical style of oil paintings and “flemish” techniques.

A look at his paintings portray an essence of realism, especially his floral oil paintings. The way he paint rose and glasses are truly masterful. Alexei Antonov paintings are known for its rich aesthetic elements.

In 1972, he joined the State Art College in Baku, where he studied abstract,  impressionistic and realistic painting techniques. From1986 to 1990, Antonov lived in Moscow and he started his artistic career as an illustrator and Portrait artist forRussian Press Agency magazines. During this period of time, he designed posters for leading rock groups and pop singers. Prominent old Masters such as Snyders, Rubens and Van Dyke influenced his works.

Portrait in Classical Oil Painting Technique by Alexei Antonov


Alexei Antonov Paintings:

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