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Realistic Pencil Drawings by Armin Mersmann

Armin Mersmann is perhaps one of the most talented pencil drawing artists of today. He was born in Germany in 1955.  But he immigrated along with his parents to the United States in 1962. Armin grew up in an environment blessed with artistic fee and culture. His father, Fritz was a professional oil painter and a successful artist of that time. He was tutored at his home and he gradually entered into an artistic career.  He told,”I never made the conscious choice to be an artist, it’s just what I did.”

He is specifically known for his ultra-realistic graphite drawings. Other than pencil art, he also proved his talent in oils, which was often characterized with an element of wood construction. His artwork was co-mingled with meticulous planning and accidental procedures.  A look at his line of drawing clearly outlines his talent and hard work as an artist. The time and effort he put into a drawing is really amazing. The outcome shows everything-the love for true texture and effects that bring up a naturalistic drawing!

Armin Mersmann Pencil Drawings

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