Best Watercolor Landscape Paintings By Z.L.Feng

Z.L.Feng Artist Bio

Z-L-Feng-artistZ.L.Feng is a famous Chinese watercolour artist who is popular for beautiful landscape paintings. He was born and brought up in the Shanghai city. The artist started his creative journey at the age of seven. In the initial years, he experimented with different mediums including oil and pastel. But he eventually selected watercolor as his favourite painting medium. He studied art from Shanghai university and took BFA degree. He started career as art teacher in the same university and continued for four years. Later studied MFA at the Radford university. In USA, he was able to find roots in the art domain.

Feng participated in several exhibitions across the country and received more than 300 awards in watercolor competitions. Here are some of the selected works from his collection.

Best Watercolor Landscape Paintings







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