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Best Watercolor Portraits By Famous Artists

Here is a list of top artists who are famous for their amazing watercolor portraits. I have selected the best watercolor artists to showcase their beautiful paintings. Watercolor is a medium that demands great skill and experience. Painting a portrait using this medium with utmost perfection is often a challenge for beginners in watercolor painting.

Painting a watercolor portrait requires good idea of light and shade. It needs to be handled carefully to obtain a natural look for the painting. After several layers, one can bring the painting into a beautiful piece of artwork. Sometimes you can paint from life or can use a photograph for reference. It would be much easier if you know your subject deeply. This would make things much more easier while painting. I have gone through several watercolor portrait paintings and hand picked a few spectacular portraits for my readers.Enjoy! 🙂

Watercolor Portraits By Famous Artists

Yie Xian Min

Bhuwan SilhareStan Miller

Rogger Oncoy

Samir Mondal

Watercolor Portrait by Shi Tao

Liu Yun Sheng

Uday Bhan

Aud Rye

Sarath Chandran

If you know about any amazing watercolor portraits, please mention in the comment section!

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