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Impressionist Painting Techniques For Beginners

The impressionist techniques are very creative and artful. They changed ordinary means of painting details that show life

Art Therapy For Stress Relief-Using Creativity For Happiness

Today let me share one of the remarkable benefits by any of your artistic work say

Successful Steps To Make a Series Of Exhibition Paintings

Painting for an exhibition and running it successfully is a tough task for many of the

Hudson River School Artists and Famous Landscape Paintings

The Hudson River School  art movement is known for its skilled landscape artists who made a

Surrealist Paintings By Russian Artist Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush is a famous Russian artist who is known for Surrealist paintings. He is a

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism is one of the earliest art movements in the history of art. When analyzed


Impressionism is a technique that came to designate the art work of a diverse circle of