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Paintings are not frames but they always speaks. Most famous paintings in the world have a

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The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous paintings in the

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Today I came across some amazing dress paintings by Viktor Schramm. So I thought to share

Realistic Classic Car Paintings By UK Artist Paul Smith

Skill and creativity come into life in the classic car paintings by artist Paul Smith. Painting

Amazing Candlelight Paintings By Famous Artists

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19th Century Dress paintings with Amazing Details

19th century dress paintings are amazing with rich details. Many artists who painted women portraits,  gave

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Dog paintings often outline the role of this animal as a pet in our life. Many

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Beautiful Love Paintings By Famous Artists

Beautiful love paintings are much appreciated around the world. It is a favorite subject for several famous

Emile Munier Paintings

Emile Munier was a famous figurative oil painting artist. His paintings are known for its lively