Oil painting Archive

Photorealistic Oil Paintings By Spanish Artist Antonio Guzman Capel

Antonio Guzman Capel is a Spanish photo-realistic artist born in 1960. He is a “self-taught” artist

Famous Landscape Oil Paintings by Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) is one of most popular artists who is known for his amazing landscape

Sunset Paintings by Famous Artists

Sunset is a beautiful subject for painting. These paintings are characterized with reddish and orange color

Oil and Watercolor Paintings by Artist Elaine Hahn

Elaine Hahn is a popular artist who is best known for her realistic oil and watercolor

Realistic Oil Paintings of Birds by Artist Chris Lodge

Chris Lodge is a realistic bird artist who is known for his paintings of birds. He

Photorealistic Oil Paintings by Luciano Ventrone

Luciano Ventrone is a famous photo-realistic artist who was born in Rome in 1942. At the

Famous Ballet Girl Paintings

Ballerina paintings are one of the favorite subjects of painting for many artists. It is the

Surrealist paintings by Spanish Artist Salvador Dali

Salvador Dalí (1904 -1989) was a famous surrealist artist born in Spain. He was a talented

Oil Paintings By Chinese Artist Guan Zeju

Guan Zeju is a popular artist from China who is known for his ballet paintings. He

Raja Ravi Varma Famous Paintings

Raja Ravi Varma (April 29, 1848 – October 2, 1906) was an Indian artist who is

Realistic Tiger and Leopard Paintings

Wildlife art is a rich branch of art which deals with painting wild animals. Let us

Step By Step Oil Portrait Painting Demo By Scott E Bartner

Scott Bartner (1960) is an eminent oil portrait artist who is settled in Netherlands. He is