Oil painting Archive

Jeffrey T. Larson Oil Paintings

Jeffrey T. Larson is one of the eminent oil painting artists who made a mark of

Hans Dahl Oil Paintings

Hans Dahl (1849- 1937) was a Norwegian artist who was specialized in painting Norwegian landscapes. When

Jacques-Louis David Paintings

Jacques-Louis David (30 August 1748 – 29 December 1825) was a French artist  who made timeless

Eric Wallis Paintings

Eric Wallis was raised in Tahoe City of California. Eric Wallis showed his artistic skills at

Nora Kasten Oil Paintings

Nora Kasten is a self-taught artist from Indiana. Her oil paintings are the great example of

Yan Yaya Oil Paintings

Yan Yaya is a Chinese artist born in 1964. She completed her art graduation from the

Leonid-afremov Oil Paintings

Leonid-afremov is a Belarusian artist born in 1955.  He completed his graduation from the vitebsk art

William-Adolphe Bouguereau Paintings

William Adolphe Bouguereau is undoubtedly one of the great artists in the history.  He was a

Alexei Antonov Paintings

Alexei Antonov is an eminent Russian artist specialized in classical oil painting. His effective implementation of

Photorealistic Food Paintings of Luigi Benedicenti

Luigi Benedicenti is an eminent photorealistic artist from Italy who is known for his photo-realistic food

Iman Maleki Paintings

Iman Maleki -Iranian Artist Iman Maleki paintings are known for its realistic touch that contributes to

Jacques Louis David Oil Paintings

Jacques Louis David is one of the prominent French artists who made a considerable change to