Oil painting Archive

Stunning Realistic Tree Paintings By An Jung Hwan

An Jung Hwan(1978-) is known for his realistic tree paintings on canvas. If you have ever

Famous 19th Century Oil Paintings Of Sheep

19th century witnessed several famous oil paintings of sheep in pastures. It was the age that

Famous Paintings Of Mother and Child

Paintings of mother and child is quite common in the 19th century galleries. These famous oil

Amazing Oil Paintings Of Street Markets

Paintings of street markets are always filled with various elements. It can be a beautiful floral

Nostalgic Oil Paintings Of Grandparents

Paintings of grandparents always carry an emotional and nostalgic element. Grandfather paintings in oil by artist

Allen Egan Creative Oil Paintings

Allen Egan is a creative oil painting artist from Zimbabwe. He is known for his figurative

Nino Chakvetadze Children Paintings

Nino Chakvetadze paintings will take you back to your childhood. Her works are characterized with children

Donald Grant Wildlife Paintings

Donald Grant is one of the famous wildlife painting artist of this century. His paintings of

Famous Sunflower Paintings

Sunflower paintings are often a treat to eyes. It is a beautiful floral subject preferred by

Mian Situ Chinese Figurative Paintings

Mian Situ is a Chinese figurative painting artist. He was born in southern China. He completed

Eugene Von Guerard Australian Landscape Paintings

Eugene von Guerard was a famous Australian landscape painting artist. He was popular for his Victorian

Albin Veselka Figurative Oil Paintings

Albin Veselka is a figurative oil painting artist from Idaho. He is interested in painting children