Oil painting Archive

Yury Nikolaev Russain Still Life Paintings

Yury Nikolaev is a Russian artist who is known for realistic still life paintings. His paintings

Tulio Dias Realistic Landscape Paintings

Tulio Dias is one of the best landscape painting artists of all time. He is a

Anna Rose Realistic Female Paintings

Anna Rose is a popular artist who is known for realistic female paintings. Anna Rose paintings

Frida Kahlo Paintings And Self Portraits

Frida Kahlo de Rivera is a Mexican artist who is one among the best women artists of

Janet Ternoff New York City Paintings

Janet Ternoff is a realistic artist who creates amazing New York city paintings. She is a

Terry Isaac Realistic Wildlife Paintings

Terry Isaac is a famous wildlife painting artist from Oregon. His paintings of humming birds, tigers,

Giuseppe Muscio Hyper Realistic Paintings

Giuseppe Muscio is a famous Italian artist who is known for hyper realistic oil paintings of

Hyper-realistic Paintings By Anjaneyulu Gundu

Anjaneyulu Gundu is a hyper-realistic painting artist from India. His painting technique and selection of subjects

Russian Artist Ivan Shishkin Paintings

Ivan Shishkin was a famous Russian landscape artist who belonged to the “Realistic” movement. He was

Lev Lagorio Russian Seascape Paintings

Lev Lagorio is a famous Russian artist who belonged to the Romanticism movement. He was born on 9th

Russian Landscape Paintings By Leo Kamenev

Lev Kamenev is one of the famous 19th century landscape painters of Russia. He is known

Philip Gerrard Still Life Oil Paintings

Philip Gerrard is one of the best still life painters of UK. His paintings of fruits