Oil painting Archive

Plein Air Paintings By Kevin Courter

Kevin Courter was born in Palo Alto in 1964. He was grown up in California and

Most Expensive Oil Paintings in the World

Here is a list of the world’s most expensive oil paintings. These are selected after referencing

Still Life Oil Paintings By Jeanne Leemon

Jeanne Leemon is a self-taught artist who loves to paint in both oil and pastel. Her

Ferenc Tulok Still Life Oil Paintings

Ferenc Tulok is a Hungarian still life painting artist who was born in Budapest in 1949.

Aleksandr Babich-Russian Landscape Plein Air Paintings

Aleksandr Babich is a popular plein air painting artist from Russia. His landscape paintings of snow

Magical Realism Paintings By Spanish Artist Alex Alemany

Alex Alemany is a Spanish artist who is known for his surrealistic paintings which are often

Julius Klever Yulievich Landscape Paintings

Julius Klever Yulievich is a great Russian landscape painting artist who is known for amazing snowfall

Contemporary Paintings By Spanish Artist Chelin Sanjuan

Chelin Sanjuan Piquero is a Spanish realistic artist who is known for contemporary paintings using children,

Famous Still Life Paintings By Dutch Artist Pieter Claesz

Pieter Claesz(1597/1598–1660) is a famous 17th century Dutch artist who was known for his realistic still

Photorealistic Paintings By Ralph Goings

Ralph Goings is a photorealistic artist who was born in 1928 in California. He is related

Contemporary Realistic Oil Paintings By Jeffrey Hein

Jeffrey Hein is a contemporary oil painting artist who was born in 1974 in  New York.

Realistic Paintings By Ricardo Renedo

Ricardo Renedo is a popular realistic artist from Segovia. He is a self-taught artist who practiced