Pastel Archive

Richard McKinley Pastel Paintings

Richard McKinley paints beautiful landscapes in pastel. A journey through his paintings makes one dissolve into

Female Pastel Paintings By Spanish Artist Vicente Romero Redondo

Vicente Romero Redondo is a Spanish pastel painting artist who is known for amazing female pastel

Pastel Paintings of Children by Kathy Fincher

Kathy Fincher is a popular Duluth based pastel painting artist who focus on painting children using

Realistic Pastel Paintings By Spanish Artist Ruben Belloso

Ruben Belloso is a pastel artist from Spain. He was born in 1986. His pastel paintings

Tom Sierak Pastel Paintings

Tom Sierak pastel paintings are the best example for realism in pastels. His paintings try to convey

Amazing Crayon Portraits by Davinchi Suresh

Davinchi Suresh is a talented and blessed artist from India. He is known for his realistic

Pastel Paintings By Deborah Bays

Debora Bays is one of the most popular pastel artists with a special technique of her

Eric Wilson Pastel Paintings

Eric Wilson is one the well-known wildlife artists of Britain. The way he create wonders with