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Darren Baker Realistic Paintings

Darren Baker paintings are known for amazing realism and natural look. His contemporary portraits of sportsmen and ballet girls are quite unique in its composition. He is often titled as the royal portrait artist after painting the portrait of queen Elizabeth.

Darren Baker Bio

He was born in an ordinary family as the son of a baker. He was interested in art at his young age. He did his first painting at the age of eight. His teacher encouraged him to draw more cartoons. Darren was more interested in exploring each and every subject around him. He decided to join the Bradford art school in the year 1995. His painting technique can be definitely grouped under realism.

He was quite active during his college days. He was the one who reached first in the studio and always left last. After graduating from the fine arts college, he found it difficult to establish himself as an artist. He tried to contact gallery owners and establish strong contacts with the prominent society. He got a unique chance to paint some of the famous football players of that time. His works of players became quite popular and it was a breaking point in his career.

Darren got several portrait commission works after the success of the player series. He got chances to exhibit his works in major galleries. He applied for loan from the Prince’s trust and this made him close to the trust. He then painted several portraits of sportsmen and Olympic medalists.

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Darren Baker paintings

He was established as a prominent artist after painting the portrait of Queen Elizabeth. He have painted several portrait of famous people. Darren baker original paintings are sold for high prices. He loves to work with both oil and soft pastels. Here are some of the selected paintings of this realistic artist. 

Pastel Drawing

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