Giovanni Boldini Paintings

Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931) was an Italian artist who was born on 31st December 1842. He had a unique painting style and it made him known as “Master of Swish” by the Time magazine. Giovanni Boldini bio outlines how he was molded as an artist during his childhood days. He was born as the son of an artist who painted religious subjects. Boldini went to study painting in Florence and stayed for six years to master this art. During this time, he met several prominent realistic artists including Macchiaioli. He is best known for his amazing range of portraits.

He moved to London and pursued a career in painting. He painted several portraits of eminent figures during this period. It included personalities like Dutchess of Westminster and lady Holland. Some of his paintings clearly had an impressionistic influence. Here are some of the selected paintings of this great artist.

  • Portrait of Marthe de Florian
  • Portrait of Marchesa Luisa Casati
  • Portrait of Princess Marthe Bibesco
  • Portrait of John Singer Sargent

Giovanni Boldini Paintings





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