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Hudson River School Artists and Famous Landscape Paintings

The Hudson River School  art movement is known for its skilled landscape artists who made a name in the history. It was a movement which started in the middle of 19th century and was highly attracted by “romanticism”. The art works of this era was closely related to the landscapes found near the Hudson River Valley and nearby areas including White Mountains, Catskill etc.   

Hudson River School Movement:

The paintings outlined a close relationship between humans and nature. Most of the works were amazingly detailed, realistic and imaginative. It was the American landscape that was portrayed through these paintings. It was believed that these places were beautiful creations by the god.

List of Hudson River School artists:

Famous Hudson River Landscape Paintings:

Albert Bierstadt

John William Casilear

Frederic Edwin Church

Thomas Cole

Samuel Colman

Jasper Francis Cropsey

Thomas Doughty

Asher Brown DurandRobert Duncanson

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