Janet Ternoff New York City Paintings

Janet Ternoff is a realistic artist who creates amazing New York city paintings. She is a self taught artist who is settled in New York. Janet loves to paint in a realistic manner and city scenes are her favorite subjects. Her works ranges from small paintings to large sized works on canvas. Compared to smaller works, large oil paintings have much more details.

She is an artist who loves to paint finite details on canvas. Hence some of the large sized paintings demand lot of hours. According to her, a highly detailed painting allows the spectator to feel the real city life through a painting. Her subway and railway paintings outline the changes that took place in the New York city. She loves to paint interiors and scenes from hotels. The train painting by Janet is an amazing piece of art! Most of her interior oil paintings focus on windows and passage of lights. Here are some of the selected city-scape apintings of New York city.

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Janet Ternoff Paintings










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