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Landscape Oil Paintings By British Artist Michael James Smith

Michael James Smith is a famous British landscape artist who was born as the son of artist David Smith. He was born in Essex in 1976. Michael was inspired by his father’s paintings to a higher extend. His father used to take him for trips to find beautiful landscapes along the countryside. This helped to bring a spirit of artistic talent in Michael.

He attended his father’s exhibition in 1993 and witnessed the love and respect of public towards his dad’s paintings. This changed his mind set and triggered the artist in him. Gradually he decided to start a career in art as a landscape painter. He finished his first oil painting in 4 weeks. It was accepted by a local art gallery and the painting was sold before he reached his home that day. It was a great success and few other works were displayed in another gallery. To his surprise, all the paintings were sold within a short time frame and demand crossed supply.

Now he is considered as one of the most popular landscape painting artist in the world. His works outlines the classic English techniques. The most amazing feature of his paintings is “realism” which offers a photographic quality to his landscapes.

Michael James Smith Landscape Paintings:

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