Laurie Goldstein Warren Watercolor Paintings

Laurie Goldstein Warren is a famous artist known for unique figurative watercolor paintings. Art is a vital part of her life. She was more into dancing during her childhood days. Laurie was a ballet dancer in the Rochester Academy of Performing Arts dance troupe. After she turned eighteen, she choose hair styling domain. She started her own salon in New York. After moving to West Virginia, she started to focus more in art.


Laurie Warren studied the art of watercolor under several talented teachers. She was lucky to be successful with watercolor medium. She exhibited her works throughout the country. Laurie also participated in international watercolor shows. She conducts watercolor portrait painting workshops and teaches palette techniques to students.

Her paintings are characterized with unique colors. Her painting subjects are often unique. Her series of tribal and native American people is a signature collection. Watercolor paintings can be best defined as a play of light and shades. Her works are the perfect example of this criteria. She has developed her own creative style in portrait painting. The mix of facial tones clearly shows this distinction. Here are some of the selected watercolor portrait works of Laurie.

Visit her art blog here.

Laurie Goldstein Warren Watercolor Paintings









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