Mara Schasteen Oil Paintings

Mara Schasteen is a wonderful artist who is known for her nature inspired oil paintings. Mara-Schasteen-artistShe was born in Wyoming and showed interest in art during childhood days. In her earlier days itself, Mara developed a kind of deep love towards painting. She has crafted a unique style of her own to paint beautiful subjects on canvas. She studied advertising and graphic design from the Christian University of Oklahoma. She got a cemented base in color theory and design from the university. After getting married and being a mother of four loving children, she gradually discovered her hidden passion for art.

She is a gifted naturalist artist who loves to paint subjects from nature. She tries to outline emotions and moods with definite colors and textures. We can call her technique as “direct” or the alla prima method. She has conducted several exhibitions and won an array of prestigious awards for painting.

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Mara finds pleasure in painting subjects like flowers. She usually painted during the sleeping time of her babies. Her paintings shows a clear scene of her life. Her paintings are the reflection of her surroundings including kids, dishes, vegetables and chickens.Here are some of the selected paintings of this great artist.

Mara Schasteen Paintings vegetables-paintings







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