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Milind Mulick Watercolor Paintings

Milind Mulick is famous for his amazing watercolor paintings. He was born into a family in India and his father Pratap Mulick who was a famous painter and illustrator was his true inspiration. His artistic abilities were finely polished from his family environment. He just entered into the world of watercolor at the age of five and gradually he became a skilled artist in this platform.

Even though he received the government scholarship to study art, he decided to study engineering. But after pursuing his studies, his mind was again inclined towards the field of art. Milind mulick watercolor paintings are known for its appealing beauty and simplistic technique. He started doing commercial illustrations and designs. He is known for his landscape watercolor paintings.

For more art works, visit Milind Mulick’s website.

For the past 22 years, he have been working with this great medium and creating wonders on paper. He has conducted several art shows and solo exhibitions throughout India. Check out some of his paintings below:

Milind Mulick Watercolor Paintings

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