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Oil and Watercolor Paintings by Artist Elaine Hahn

Elaine Hahn is a popular artist who is best known for her realistic oil and watercolor paintings. She is a native of Kansas city. Elaine completed her studies in art from the University of Missouri.

She achieved several awards and appreciations for her art. Her paintings are widely collected throughout US. Elaine focus on exploring new techniques in both watercolor and oil paintings. Her studio in Florida is her workplace where she loves to create amazing paintings.

She has successfully managed to paint different subjects including marine species like fish and crab, people, still life, plants, boats etc. Each of her paintings shows the pure talent of the artist itself. Her works have been featured in prestigious art magazines and has participated in several exhibitions through out the country. Check out some of her selected paintings here:

Fish and Crab Oil Paintings by Elaine Hahn:

Oil Paintings of Boats and Still Life:

Watercolor Paintings by Elaine Hahn:

Her fish and crab paintings are so realistic that we feel hard to believe it as a painting. She has painted a nautical series which includes boatyard, boats and seascapes. Her watercolor skills are amazing and appreciable. Look at the above coconut tree watercolor painting. The green color of coconuts are appealing and is blessed with a naturalistic effect !!

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