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Oil Paintings Of Glass Bottles By Famous Artists

Painting a glass bottle or jar with oil paint can be difficult for beginners in oil painting. It often requires some level of experience in painting glass on canvas. The most important part in glass painting is to clearly understand the areas that are to be highlighted. To get the natural feel of a glass object, focus on the points of reflection as well as shadows. You may easily find oil painting glass tutorials over web. These step by step glass painting on canvas would help you understand the process in depth.

There are three major values that you should keep in mind. The highlight part of the glass, the mid-tone values as well as the shadow regions. It is often better to work with a colored glass to understand these values in detail.

Oil Painting Glass Bottles

Zoe Feng (Glass bottle paintings on canvas)

Linda Apple Glass Bottle Paintings

Ifat art (glass paintings on canvas)Jos van Riswick Sara (Painting glass bottle with oil paint)

Andre Beaulieu (Coca cola bottle painting)

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