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Oil Paintings By Richard Currier

Richard Currier is an oil painting artist who was born in Florida. He is popular in the domain of representational art. His subjects are unique and often initiates the thought process. He loves to fuse atmosphere and light in a peculiar manner.

He traveled around France and Holland and analyzed the works of 18th and 19th century masters. He currently focuses on unique still life paintings. Richard loves to explore the diverse possibilities of light in his paintings. Here I have selected some of his paintings.

Richard Currier Paintings

“What God Wants,Oil 60 “x 84”

“Anonymous Self Portrait”

“With Head Above Water”, 60 “x 84”

“In Plain Brown Wrapper”

“Levitation series”, 48 “x 86”

“On Edge – Pepper”

“Two Peppers on the Edge”

“Three Carambolas on Red”

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