Surrealist paintings by Spanish Artist Salvador Dali

Salvador Dalí (1904 -1989) was a famous surrealist artist born in Spain. He was a talented

Oil Paintings By Chinese Artist Guan Zeju

Guan Zeju is a popular artist from China who is known for his ballet paintings. He

Raja Ravi Varma Famous Paintings

Raja Ravi Varma (April 29, 1848 – October 2, 1906) was an Indian artist who is

Realistic Tiger and Leopard Paintings

Wildlife art is a rich branch of art which deals with painting wild animals. Let us

Step By Step Oil Portrait Painting Demo By Scott E Bartner

Scott Bartner (1960) is an eminent oil portrait artist who is settled in Netherlands. He is

Realistic Pastel Paintings By Spanish Artist Ruben Belloso

Ruben Belloso is a pastel artist from Spain. He was born in 1986. His pastel paintings

Cartoon Inspired Paintings by Rob Kaz

Rob Kaz is an amazing artist from Florida. He works for Sydney and other popular animation

How to Make Skin Color in Oil Painting

Mixing skin tones in oil painting can be a tough task for most of the beginners

Still Life Oil Paintings By Loren DiBenedetto

Loren is a promising artist from New Jersey. Her still life oil paintings are unique with fine

Watercolor Paintings By Stan Miller

Stan Miller is a popular watercolor artist who is known for his impressive style of painting

Hyperrealistic Drawings By Paul Cadden

Paul Cadden is a promising name in the field of hyper-realistic drawing. He is known for

Beautiful Orchid Oil Paintings

Beautiful orchid paintings often attract viewers. Most of the artists interested in floral paintings love to