Pastel Paintings By Deborah Bays

Debora Bays is one of the most popular pastel artists with a special technique of her

David Lloyd Glover Watercolor Paintings

David Lloyd Glover is an established artist with an amazing style and perfectionism. He has an

Alfred Ng Watercolor Paintings

Alfred Ng is a Canadian watercolor artist who was born in Hong Kong. Later his family

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Jeffrey T. Larson is one of the eminent oil painting artists who made a mark of

Realistic Pencil Drawings by Armin Mersmann

Armin Mersmann is perhaps one of the most talented pencil drawing artists of today. He was

Steve Hanks Realistic Watercolor Paintings

Steve Hanks watercolor paintings are realistic and extra-ordinary in terms of perfection and style. He is

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism is one of the earliest art movements in the history of art. When analyzed

Stunning Graphite Art By Tortillon

These amazing graphite drawings are created by 18 years old artist from Ukraine. He is known

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Hans Dahl (1849- 1937) was a Norwegian artist who was specialized in painting Norwegian landscapes. When

How to Paint Trees in Watercolor

Learning how to paint trees in watercolor is a real problem for many beginners in watercolor.

How to Paint Trees in Oil – Video Lessons

How to paint a tree in oil? If this is your question, here is a set