James Neil Hollingsworth Realistic Oil Paintings

James Neil Hollingsworth is known for realistic oil paintings. He was born in Georgia, US in 1954.

Laurie Goldstein Warren Watercolor Paintings

Laurie Goldstein Warren is a famous artist known for unique figurative watercolor paintings. Art is a

Terri Hill Watercolor Paintings

Terri Hill is a watercolor artist from Northern California. Her realistic watercolor paintings of fruits, still

Elizabeth Kincaid Watercolor Paintings

Elizabeth Kincaid paintings in watercolor are known for its magic with light and shade. Her floral watercolor paintings

Henry Von Genk III Realistic Landscape Paintings

Henry Von Genk III is an American realistic landscape painting artist who was born and raised

Jos van Riswick Still Life Paintings

Jos van Riswick paintings are the perfect example of realistic still life paintings. He graduated in physics

Transparent Watercolor Paintings By Soon Young Warren

Soon Young Warren is known for her transparent watercolor paintings of flowers, crystal vases, bicycles and

Peter Fiore American Landscape Paintings

Peter Fiore is a famous artist who is known for American landscape paintings. His snow paintings

John McCartin Realistic Landscape Paintings

John McCartin is an Australian artist who is known for realistic floral and cattle paintings. He

Chen Anjian Chinese Oil Paintings

Chen Anjian (1959) is a Chinese oil painting artist who is known for his “tea shop” painting

Michael Devore Paintings

Michael Devore is a realistic painting artist who is known for contemporary paintings. He was trained in

Pieter Wagemans Flower Oil Paintings

Pieter Wagemans is a famous artist who is known for floral oil paintings. His paintings of