Lev Lagorio Russian Seascape Paintings

Lev Lagorio is a famous Russian artist who belonged to the Romanticism movement. He was born on 9th

Russian Landscape Paintings By Leo Kamenev

Lev Kamenev is one of the famous 19th century landscape painters of Russia. He is known

Philip Gerrard Still Life Oil Paintings

Philip Gerrard is one of the best still life painters of UK. His paintings of fruits

Oleg Shuplyak-Famous Hidden Image Paintings

Oleg Shuplyak is a famous artist who is known for his famous hidden image paintings. He

Top Art Blogs To Learn Oil Painting

Finding the best art blogs online to learn oil painting is  a tough task for beginners.

Steven Kozar Hyper Realistic Watercolor Paintings

Steven Kozar is a  realistic watercolor painting artist who was born in 1964 in Lake Zurich.

Mara Schasteen Oil Paintings

Mara Schasteen is a wonderful artist who is known for her nature inspired oil paintings. She

Benjamin Wu Chinese Figurative Oil Paintings

Benjamin Wu is an award winning artist who was born in 1961 in China. His Chinese

Tomasz Alen Kopera Surrealistic Paintings

Tomasz Alen Kopera is a famous Polish surrealistic painting artist who was born in Kozuchow. He

Omar Ortiz Realistic Figurative Oil Paintings

Omar Ortiz is a realistic female figurative artist who was born in 1977. His female paintings

Realistic Portrait Paintings By Rajasekharan Parameswaran

Rajasekharan Parameswaran is a self-taught artist who is known for realistic portrait oil paintings. He was

Edward Ladell-Famous Still Life Paintings

Edward Ladell (1821-1886) is a famous still life paintings artist who was born born in Essex,