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Amazing Oil Paintings Of Street Markets

Paintings of street markets are always filled with various elements. It can be a beautiful floral market painting or even fruits shops. The social influence in such works often take us back to such an era. Most of these works shows the life of street vendors. Such street arts are always a visual treat. Here i just thought of selecting some of the best paintings on this subject. To my surprise, many prominent artists have painted markets.

Oil Paintings Of Street Markets

Guido Borelli

He was an Italian artist who was born in Caluso in 1952. He was raised in an artistic environment. Guido did his first exhibition at the age of 17.
Paul Gustave Fischer

He was a Danish painter. He was guided by his father and started learning art at an early stage. He started his career by painting city life. The below painting shows the tone and nature of a city based vegetable market.Stefano Novo

Stephano was an Italian artist who painted beautifully with oil paint. Famous paintings include “Fruit sellers”, “The flower sellers (1893)”, “Italian Beauty in the Streets of Venice (1889)”, “The gossip” and “On the Balcony”.Emil Barbarini Clark HulingsLuiz Carlos MorgilliCharles Cole MarkhamFranz Theodor AerniBenjamin Evans WardGeorg Von Rosen

Street art and market based paintings are the best to explore the lifestyle of different societies. It shows the living environment as well as interaction between people.

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