Pastel Paintings of Children by Kathy Fincher

Kathy Fincher is a popular Duluth based pastel painting artist who focus on painting children using pastels. She is the proud recipient of the Quintessence award (America’s best painter) which is given by ‘Save the Arts Foundation’. Kathy was born in an artistic family. Her mother is a gifted artist who worked to raise funds for starting fine art centers. Her aunt was also into the field of painting. She was highly influenced by her family members and their rich art culture. She just entered the world of drawing and painting at a very young age. Apart from drawing, Kathy showed her skills in skiing. She was the national champion in water skiing and taught ballet skiing and other sports.


Kathy started painting wild life subjects and later switched onto painting children. She got married at the age of thirty three and after marriage, she focused more into art. She started studying art under an Impressionist master. Kathy loved using pastels as the medium of her paintings. She loved to paint from her home and often portrayed her beautiful kids. She painted her own daughters and children from the neighborhood. Thus she made a perfect mark as an artist who paints children with pastels.

She calls her painting style as a mix of impressionism and traditional realism. Famous paintings include “The Dream Keeper”, “Perfect Fit”, “When You Get Big Like Me” etc. Here are some of the selected paintings by Kathy.

Kathy Fincher Paintings











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