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Pencil Drawing of Trees

Here are some of the best pencil drawing of trees that I found worth sharing. How to draw trees in pencil is a question by many of the beginners in pencil drawing. Trees demand a unique composition with branches and leaves. The way you shade the trunk and leaves is important here. You can start with a simple tree drawing with a single trunk and few leaves.

It is helpful if you observe some trees in your surroundings. Just take sometime and observe pine trees, oak, birch or any other tree. Each one have a unique leaf and branch pattern.

To start the drawing, be ready with pencil(HB) and paper. First draw a light outline of the tree which you are planning to draw. Then gradually shade the leaves by applying pressure on the pencil. When you apply pressure, you get dark shades. The role of light and shade is inevitable. The pencil drawings of oak trees or pine trees can be done if you have just observed the peculiar features of these trees. Take at look at these tree pencil drawings.

Pencil Drawing of Trees

Lorri Anne Maley-Bell

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