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Amazing Pencil Drawings of Hair

Drawing hair is one of the important steps in pencil portraits. Pencil drawings of hair look attractive when it is crafted in a perfect way. Step by step instructions will be more helpful to understand the process. Using light and simple strokes will help to highlight the effect of light. Most of the beginners in drawing find it difficult to draw hair in a realistic manner. It is vital to understand the different types of hair, the hair volume, and the style. According to the nature of hair, you need to adjust the shades and strokes.

You can not make a realistic hair drawing by simply drawing a bunch of lines.

There are more than 1 million strands of hair on your head and hence achieving a 3-dimensional look is necessary. A simple drawing with many lines may not help you to create the real look.

Here are some of the selected drawings of curly and normal hair. Look at these examples and try to draw beautifully!

Pencil Drawings of Hair:

How to draw curly hair:

Look at this beautiful curly hair drawing. Each strand of hair is carefully done and the lighting effect is so perfect!





Brenda Hoddinott


Kate Powell

Lucy Moreno

Hong Chun Zhang

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