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Photorealistic Oil Paintings By Spanish Artist Antonio Guzman Capel

Antonio Guzman Capel is a Spanish photo-realistic artist born in 1960. He is a “self-taught” artist who showed interest in painting during childhood days. He conducted his first exhibition when he was 11 years old! After that several exhibitions were conducted each year. When he was 14, his paintings were exhibited in Switzerland. This made him a popular artist who showed amazing talent at such a younger age.

His paintings are characterized with amazing photo-realism. He use soft colors in a unique manner to achieve a realistic effect. The way he oil paint human figures makes him a notable artist. Antonio’s kid paintings are breathtaking with high level of beauty and innocence. The oil painting of violin, books, cat paintings, ballet kids, monalisa and still life paintings add a lace of glory to his name.

Antonio Guzman Capel Paintings:

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