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Photorealistic Paintings By Ralph Goings

Ralph Goings is a photorealistic artist who was born in 1928 in California. He is related to the artistic movement of early 1970s. His paintings outline strong details and natural values. Most of his oil paintings are known for its strong features like light and tone. His ketchup series is quite popular in the art world.

Ralph Goings Biography

Ralph was attracted to the world of art during his days at high school. He found a book about Rembrandt in his school library and it inspired the artist in him. His aunt bought drawing books and materials for him. During those days, he used old bed covers and sheets instead of canvas.

He joined military and worked for some years. Later he was encouraged to join an art school in California. In 1965, he earned MFA in painting. Although he started with strong photorealistic paintings, his recent paintings are more focused on texture and colors other than details. I have selected some of his best paintings here.

Ralph Goings Paintings

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