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Pramod Kurlekar Figurative Paintings

Pramod Kurlekar is a figurative painting artist from India. He was born in 1978 in Satara. He is a masterful artist whose oil portraits and pastel works are equally famous. Pramod’s paintings are often subjective which outlines a strong theme or topic of importance. The way he portrays Buddha and use symbols of peace (doves) in his works makes him a unique artist of India.

He earned a graduate diploma in Art from Kalavishwa Mahavidhyalaya Sangli in the year 2000 with first class. He had a distinguished sense of color and creativity in his early years. His studies at an art school helped to mold the true artist in him. He has participated in several art events. He took part in a 2 year fine arts residential program under the great artist Shri. Vasudeo Kamat. He has received several scholarships during the course of his study. Pramod Kurlekar paintings mainly portrays female subjects and children. His paintings of children are definitely a visual treat to the eyes. His approach in subjective paintings can be titled as “realistic” in several ways. He received several awards including:

 Pramod Kurlekar Paintings

Soft Pastel Paintings

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