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Realistic Pencil Drawings of Birds

If you are interested in drawing birds with pencil, this article may be for you. Drawing realistic birds is challenging and requires lot of patience to achieve right results.

For a beginner, it takes time to draw realistically. There are different kinds of birds around us. First you need strong observation power to understand the peculiarities of each type of bird. Some birds have long feathers, some have long beak while some have long wings. You need to consider the type of feathers as well as the size.

Pencil Drawings of Birds

Here is a list of beautiful and realistic pencil drawings of birds from popular artists:

Alpo arts

Wayne Soffe

Bem-te-vi ( Great Kiskadee)

Savacu ou Garça-da-noite



Christina Empedocles 

Wade Franklin

Cye Wright


Roy Kaelin

Ralph Murray

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