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Best Tips To Sell Paintings Online Using Facebook

Facebook is a great marketing tool for artists. It has a large prospective audience that makes it one among the great social media sites. Your art business can be taken to new heights with effective use of this platform in the best possible way. With over 1 billion users, it will give a strong base to build your artistic career.

When I was a beginner in art marketing, I was really confused about finding potential clients. I tried several methods including online galleries, blogs, and advertisements. But the success rate was quite low. There came a point at which I felt saturated and exhausted to continue.

The hard truth is it is very difficult to survive in the midst of tough competition. Only the fit would survive in this flow.

There are a lot of opportunities (that is true)!! But finding the right one and using it perfectly is the problem with every budding artist.

We saw a tremendous growth of social media websites during the past 5 years. Competition increased with the outburst of cheap paintings and low-quality prints.

But the question is,

“How successful you are in using these social sites for your art business?”

Tips to sell Paintings online Facebook

The first question is to decide whether you want to use a separate page or your personal profile as the art channel.

>According to me, the best option is to create a new page for your artistic creations. I would recommend making a storefront on your page. It must have your professional name, a short biography and a link to your art website (if you have).

>Try to attract more people to your page using attractive posts with polite language. Words have a magical power to magnetize people towards a page. Follow a continuous posting pattern.

Here I have shared some of the tips I & my artistic friends have tried. Explore the essence of online marketing through your page. Using Facebook for selling painting is an interesting digital marketing stream. If you are an artist, if you need to survive in the competitive race, you must master marketing skills too.

Share with me your Facebook art marketing techniques and ideas.  🙂

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