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Famous Sunflower Paintings

Sunflower paintings are often a treat to eyes. It is a beautiful floral subject preferred by many artists. Van Gogh sunflower painting series is considered a masterpiece. He had painted seven versions of this subject. He considered this flower as a symbol of happiness. In Dutch literature, it is considered as a symbol of loyalty and devotion. Many scientists closely analyzed his paintings to find the brush stroke styles.

Here I have selected some of the famous paintings. It is the beauty of bright yellow color that makes the flower unique. The golden yellow effect brings a sense of happiness. The alignment of petals and the pattern of buttons are clearly shown in Van Gogh paintings. It is a perfect subject for still life painting. He has completed seven paintings in this series.

Sunflower Paintings

Van Gogh


Loren DiBenedetto“Sunshine” by Marry GibbsDennis Magnusson – ” Yellow Tangle-Sunflower “Neiley HarrisSunflowers in watercolor by artist Lisa HillCamille EngelAbby Laux

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