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Tom Sierak Pastel Paintings

Tom Sierak pastel paintings are the best example for realism in pastels. His paintings try to convey a message of rich culture and emotion that depicts the American social life. Tom completed his artistic study from the popular Vesper George School in Boston.

Pastels are crafted from the same pigments that are used to make oil paints.  When it comes to the case of pastels, create a chalk-like stick using a binding agent. Usually textured paper is preferred to work with pastels. The pastels are obtainable in a multitude of lively colors. Compared to oils, this would maintain the fresh look indefinitely. According to the artist, this is the best medium to accomplish great results within short span of time.

Working with this medium requires lot of caution. It may be accidently smudged very easily. This medium lets you create a velvety texture on the canvas. If used well, colors can be easily blended. There are four types of pastels namely hard pastels, pencil pastels, soft pastels and oil pastels.

Tom Sierak Pastel Paintings


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