Tulio Dias Realistic Landscape Paintings

tulio-dias-artistTulio Dias is one of the best landscape painting artists of all time. He is a true master in oil painting and creates amazing works on canvas. He was born in Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Tulio is a famous Brazilian artist with a high reputation. He started painting at an earlier age. He bought paints with the money his mother gave him to buy pants. He bought two small screens, paints and brushes from a nearby store.

Tulio used wall as his easel and he had no money to buy screens. Thus he painted on waste grape crates. He was inspired by the drawing styles of Claudio Vinicius and Vincent Wilson. He was a master in painting nature and landscape subjects. He was always successful in creating the true effect of moving leaves, water noise and realistic backwoods which often attracted the viewers into his work.

His subjects vary from forest road to seascape paintings. He is particularly noted for his wide range of village paintings and landscape series which feature cattle and rivers.  In his paintings, one can clearly see the effect of morning light that pass through the thick forest trees and leaves. It often gives a heavenly atmosphere in the painting. His landscape painting techniques are quite helpful for beginners in this domain. Here are some of the selected landscape paintings by this great artist.

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Tulio Dias Landscape Paintings











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