Urban Landscape Paintings By Cristobal Perez Garcia

Cristobal Perez Garcia is a realistic landscape painting artist who is known for his amazing works in cityscape paintings. He was born in Malaga in1976. This Spanish painter tries to paint beautiful cityscape scenes from Spain.

  • Studied Fine arts from the University of Granada 
  • Received several awards and conducted exhibitions
  • Got 1st prize in Alhama de Murcia Painting Competition, Huercal de Almeria,  Periana etc

His paintings are known for its details and perfect nature. Cristobal has done several urban landscape paintings of Barcelona, Madrid, Melilla, Paris, Las Palmas and Murcia. His paintings of Venice are so perfect with realism. It is hard to believe these are paintings. The medium for painting is oil. His New York rain painting has gained much attention in the art world.

Cristobal Perez Garcia Paintings








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