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Watercolor Paintings of Birds by British Bird Artists

British bird artists are focused on creating beautiful watercolor paintings of birds using different medium such as watercolor, oil or acrylic. There are a number of prominent bird artists in Britain. Here we are outlining only a few of them. In this article, we have focused on famous watercolor paintings of birds.

Painting birds with watercolor is a tough task always. There are lot of British artists who paint amazingly with this medium.

These artists have created masterpieces with this subject. All of them are known for their excellent detailing and perfect painting technique. The common subjects include Falcon, Mallards, Woodpecker, Pheasants, Swan, skylark and Owls.

British Bird Artists:

John Cyril Harrison (1898-1985)

Harrison is one of the eminent bird artists of Britain. He showed great talent in drawing birds during his childhood days. He was successful in painting birds by observing the character and features of each bird species around him.

Watercolor Paintings of Birds

G M Henry (1891 – 1983)J G Keulemans

Raymond C Watson (1935-1994)

Raymond is a famous English bird artist who is known for his watercolor paintings of birds. He was born in East Anglia. Below is a beautiful woodpecker watercolor painting by Raymond. The way he did the bird and rock is appreciable!

Peter Hayman

13″x14″ (33.5cm x 35cm)
Medium: Watercolour

Rodger McPhail (1953)

Keith Pullan

Terence J Bond

David Ord Kerr

Henrik Gronvold(1858-1940)

Michele Coxon

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