19th Century Dress paintings with Amazing Details

19th century dress paintings are amazing with rich details. Many artists who painted women portraits,  gave strong emphasis to the details on clothes. These paintings show the fashion statement in a bold manner. 19th century cloth patterns can be easily identified from these works. A close analysis of these works outline the popularity of gown during the era. The women fashion domain was characterized with sharp waist, sloping shoulder piece and skirts which resembled a bell. Later, the volume of these skirts increased throughout the end of 1990s. Women in 17-19th century art shows the use of rich colors and dress patterns in everyday life.

Minute details on fabric are amazingly painted by these artists. It is always a surprise to watch the level of realism and details  in such works. Now most of the 19th century women portraits belong to private collections or museums. These paintings are worth studying to understand the techniques used. Art students can definitely analyse the color patterns to study vintage art.

Use of shiny satin and ribbons made the dresses look dynamic from the surrounding environment. The artists studied the details carefully to paint. In all these works, even a layer of tiny thread is amazingly painted with great skill. Dresses clearly showed the status of women in the society. Rich women from royal families wore gowns with pearls and floral works.

19th Century Dress paintings

“Portrait of Anna Orzelska with a Pug”

Artist: Antoine Pesne (Prussian, 1683-1757).  The painting is exhibited in the National Museum, Warsaw. It port19th Century Dress paintingsrays the  daughter of August II of Poland standing in front of the Blue Palace garden.19th-century-dress-paintingsPortrait of Duchess de Bailén by Vicente Palmaroli y González, 186819th-century-dress-paintingsPortrait painting detail:

Detail from Portrait of Lucy Ebberton, 1750 by artist George Knapton. In the painting, you can see trimmed sleeves on the gown. The material of the gown is ivory silk with floral print.detail-of-painting

Portrait of Isabel de Borbón y Borbón (1851-1931) by artist Vicente Palmaroli. She was a famous member of the Spanish royal family. The painting outlines a beautiful blue gown with detailed lace designs.


The work shows details from Self-portrait with a Harp, Rose-Adélaïde Ducreux (1761 – July 26, 1802). The shining patterns with lines are beautifully painted. The greenish-blue Note how the lace at the elbow has been folded up over the sleeve, out of the way of the harp strings for ease of play.19th-century-gown


Elisabeth of Austria painting. She is portrayed with a beautiful white gown and decorative diamond starts in her hair. gown-paintings

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