Allen Egan Creative Oil Paintings

Allen Egan is a creative oil painting artist from Zimbabwe. He is known for his figurative works based on deep themes. He is a self taught artist who started painting at the age of 16. Allen took degree in graphic designing and worked in the design industry till 1989. Later he immigrated to South Africa and continued printing business.

He tried to paint African people during this time. The rural environment of South Africa influenced him to paint diverse subjects. In 2000, he immigrated to Canada and settled in Gatineau.

Allen Egan Paintings


                                                                                     The Bird Catchers




Allen painted himself in a series of his past paintings. He experimented himself in different environments. Later he thought to use his children as primary subjects in his works. He did this by using simple props and settings. Most of the works show a sense of emotion and mystery in wild places.

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