Amazing Oil Paintings By Vladimir Volegov

Vladimir Volegov is one among the best Russian artists of all the times. He was born in Russia and he started to paint at the age of three. It is interesting that most of the popular artists showed interest in art at the early stages of their life. Vladimir’s biography also shows the same. He was born as a talented artist and portrayed amazing abilities from childhood. After completing art studies, he started to serve the Russian army. He conducted several exhibitions and won several international awards. He had a notable career in the field of commercial art.

At the start of 1990s, he traveled to Europe and started to paint portraits on the European streets. Most of his paintings are rich with warm colors. The topic is painting is mostly female figures and kids.he way he paint girls are unique in different ways. Check out some of his paintings here:

Vladimir Volegov Paintings:


Vladimir Volegov children paintings are often characterized with beautiful backgrounds and other supporting subjects like flowers or cats. His paintings of children playing near beaches are a treat to eyes. It often sprinkles a nostalgic mood in our minds. His painting process is fast and the technique is achieved through years of art life. Here I have selected only few of his works for inspiration to my readers.child-painting








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