Amazing Photorealistic Paintings

Photorealistic paintings gained accelerated prominence during the recent years. But what actually is Photo-realism? It was refined from earlier expressionist techniques and gradually developed into a new stream of art which uses photographs to develop paintings that often compete with real photographs. This specialized stream of painting came into life in the late 1960s and many prominent artists joined this movement. This idea gained momentum with the wide acceptance of modernism.

It was considered to be the reproduction of “reality”. The photo-realistic paintings were also termed as hyper-realism and super-realism.

Style of Photo-realistic Paintings:

  • The camera is the primary instrument used by a photorealistic artist. The information is collected from a photograph and it is the technical ability of the artist that creates the hyper-realistic work.
  • Photo-realism is all about precision and technique.
  • The image is transferred to the canvas either by traditional grid technique or other mechanical means.

Photo-realistic Artists:

Photorealistic painters includes first generation artists like Richard Estes, Chuck Close, Audrey Flack, Ralph Goings, Robert Bechtle and many other artists of this time. Some of the eminent photorealists of this era  are Roberto Bernardi, Linda Bacon, Robert Neffson, Luigi Benedicenti, Predro campos, Gus Heinze and Alyssa Monks.

How To Paint Photorealistic Paintings:

If you are interested in photo-realistic art, the below tips may be for you! If you wish to paint photorealistically, you may can choose any of the mediums-oil paint, water-color, pastel or colored pencils.

  • First make sure that you have all the materials required for the work.
  • Next step is to transfer this photograph image to the canvas. For this step you can use the transferring paper, grid method or a projector.
  • Finally apply your skills! (It demands a lot of time and patience). Photorealism is all about technique and finest details of painting.

NOTE – Some people criticize photorealistic paintings with this question ” Why not just take a photo?”. In their point of view, photorealistic paintings are just the mere copy of photographs and artistic creativity is not involved in such paintings. But there are a lot of people who support this style. According to them, these paintings are more real than real photographs.

Photorealistic Paintings

Check out some of the incredible photorealistic paintings here.It is quite hard to believe that the below images are paintings!!

Photorealistic food paintings of Luigi Benedicenti:

 Luigi Benedicenti is an Italian photorealistic artist who created delicious and amazing paintings that surpassed the limits of reality. He is known for his food paintings that are packed with rich sense of real life food images.

Painting by Luigi Benedicenti

Painting by Luigi Benedicenti

oil painting luigi


Photorealistic painting of  Predro campos:

The below painting showcase the talent and technical skills of the photorealistic artist Predro Campos. This work is completely hand-made and the medium used is oil paint. Check out more works at :

realistic painting

Photorealistic painting by predro campos

Photorealistic painting by Dru Blair:

Dru Blair is a talented and well-known photorealistic artist. The below portrait of Tica took around 75 hours to finish. He used the air brush technique and the stunning skin texture was created using eraser and color pencils. Check out his photorealistic paintings at

realistic paintings

Photorealistic Painting by Dru Blair

photorealistic painting process-Dru Blair

Paintings by Yigal ozeri:

This Israeli photorealist is known for his oil portraits that brings the real sense of beauty and technique.  Check out here for more hyper-realistic oil paintings of Yigal Ozeri.

Yigal ozeri

Painting by Yigal ozeri

 Yigal Ozeri painting

painting by Yigal Ozeri


Photorealist Yigal Ozeri at his studio

Hyper-realistic Paintings of Cheryl Kelley:

Cheryl Kelley is a Texas based artist who experiment with oil paints to create luxurious and elegant paintings of automobiles. Her works reflect a high-gloss finish and use of rich colors for dynamic compositions. For more paintings of Cheryl kelley, visit :

automobile painting

painting by cheryl kelley


painting by Cheryl Kelley

Painting of Ralph Goings:


Painting by Ralph goings

If you know about other great  photo-realistic paintings, please share them through comments.


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