Anna Rose Realistic Female Paintings

Anna-rose-artistAnna Rose is a popular artist who is known for realistic female paintings. Anna Rose paintings of mother and baby are quite amazing. Her interest in art started at childhood days. Anna was born in Mauston in 1985. She loved to draw on the walls and papers. So she just played well on the walls and used crayons to draw animals on it. 

Anna Rose Bio

Anna Bain was inspired by the works of her grandfather who started art at the age of seventy. She spent her time with art books and loved to sketch all the time. She was particularly interested to draw animals and horses. At the age of ten, she started to draw people. From that day on wards, she tried to draw portraits of friends and portraits. She had a deep inclination towards realism. Anna often tried her best to make her portraits look real like photos. At the age of 12, she sold her first portrait painting!

She joined Hillsdale art school to acquire a degree in art. In each semester, she bagged all the jurie awards. Anna became an art graduate in 2007 with honors. She covers diverse subjects on canvas. Anna Bain loves to paint human face with all the elements of beauty. She always felt connected to each piece of painting she did.

Her paintings of mother and baby, the painting titled “The wait and the reward”, ballerina paintings, baby paintings and still life works makes her a distinguished artist. In her mother and child series, she clearly outlines mother’s love on canvas! Here are some of the selected female paintings by this great artist.

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