Beautiful Love Paintings By Famous Artists

Beautiful love paintings are much appreciated around the world. It is a favorite subject for several famous artists. Romantic paintings of lovers are a feast to the eyes. 19th century saw the creation of unique masterpieces on this theme. These works are characterized with passion and blended with masterful brushstrokes. The dedication of each artist is evident in each work.

Beautiful Love Paintings

Each work have a great story behind.

The Abduction of Psyche


It was painted by Bouguereau in 1895. It is a painting of lovers which shows the mythological story of the mortal woman and the Cupid. The analysis of the work shows the sign of anew life in the work. The background of the work is filled with dazzling whites with an elegant purple touch. In the romantic painting is embracing the Psyche and taking her to a whole new world. The novel butterfly wings of psyche is a symbolic creation to show her immortality. She is beautifully portrayed with soft skin and blissful expression. The way the Cupid holds Psyche shows his immense love and a feeling of possession. This is by far the most beautiful love painting in the art history.

Chagall (The Birthday (1915))

The couple is lifted up with love to kiss each other. Chagall and his lover Bella are going to be get married soon. You can watch a sense of wild love with transparent emotions. The room is draped with shawls to add to the beauty of situation.


Gustav Klimt (The Kiss)

This painting beautifully shows a beautiful moment in dazzling yellows and golds. It is one of the most purchased art prints on the internet these days. The lovers painting is blessed with a blended kiss. Their love is made more evident with bright colors and use of rich cloth. The use of golden leaf behind the head give a celestial touch to the work. The decoration of hair with flowers adds to the beauty of the kiss. It outlines a flow of emotions making it the best lovers painting and the perfect kiss painting ever. There is no wonder why people prefer Klimt painting as a symbol of pure love.

Hans Zatzka (love in spring)

The spring flowers and nymph give a magical realism effect to the painting. The presence of water and fading trees gives the essence of love to the atmosphere. The artist succeeded in crafting a masterful artwork.

romantic-paintingsFrank Bernard Dicksee (Romeo and Juliet)

The Romeo and Juliet painting is the most popular romantic painting in this era. The work depicts the Shakespearean couple in love kissing each other after the wedding night. This oil painting was done in 1884 and still remains the best love painting ever.

romeo_and_julietWillem Haenraetslovers-paintings Leonid Afremovpainting-lovers


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