Benjamin Wu Chinese Figurative Oil Paintings

Benjamin Wu is an award winning artist who was born in 1961 in China. His Chinese female paintings and Jet-Li painting series are well-known in the art industry. benjamin-wu-wikiHe studied painting from the Guangzhou institute during the period 1978-1985. Later he joined there as instructor and received several recognitions for his paintings. He decided to pursue higher studies in art from US.

Benjamin Wu Bio

He received MFA in art from San Francisco Academy of Art in 1991. After completing his studies, he worked as a freelance illustrator. He received award for still life section in the San Antonio Salon International competition. In 2009, he got the “Best of Show” award in the Salon International competition. He has painted a series of American-Western paintings and scenes from Jet-Li films.

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He also takes different subjects like market scenes, village women and typical Chinese village scenes for painting. His medium of painting is oil on canvas. He has got a diverse style in painting and his technique is unique. Here are some of the selected paintings of this great artist.

Benjamin Wu Paintings









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