Carl Purcell Realistic Watercolor Paintings

Carl Purcell is a creative watercolor artist. His paintings are known for beautiful themes and colors. He is interested in painting rock surfaces and cars. He started his career as an art instructor at the Snow College in Utah. He is a signature member of watercolor society of Utah.

After retirement, Carl works as a workshop instructor. His demo classes and workshops are quite popular among art lovers. He was also selected as the judging panel for the National Watercolor Society exhibition. He has won several prestigious awards for his paintings. His works has been featured in several popular art magazines. His stone paintings try to explore the rhythmic patterns found on rock surfaces. Although his primary choice of medium is watercolor, he loves to experiment with other mediums too. Most of his works shows a clear reflection of nature in a profound manner. Carl Purcell books on art lessons are quite helpful for painting students.

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Carl Purcell Watercolor Paintings






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