Christine Reichow Watercolor Paintings

Christine Reichow is a well-known watercolor artist who excelled in this platform with a unique style and technique of her own. She fell in love with the art of watercolor paintings and showcased amazing talent with her appealing range of naturalistic paintings.

Christine was born and bought up in the rural Michigan. Her parents supported her artistic interests and helped her step into this field. If you closely examine all her paintings, you will easily find out the direct blend with the mother nature. The way she treat the painting background and the style of flawless wash which is created layer-by-layer on 300lb paper is really wonderful.

she says, “The process of painting puts me in an altered state of consciousness that is meditative but exciting, mysterious as well as satisfying and always pleasurable beyond imagination.” Christine is:

  • Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society
  • National Watercolor Society(Signature Member)
  • Member of Florida Watercolor Society, Watercolor West and Transparent Watercolor Society

Christine Reichow Watercolor Paintings

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